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Top 5 Best FREE Android Games for Kids of all Time

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Not only the Apple device has your favorite games but there are many games available in Android devices which are to be played smoothly and fun game play. Android users will be happy to hear that there are many games available paid and free. Some of the games have become mega hits while others have become craze - or even brand.

The only fact is that there hundreds of game released every month. Installing all of them is not possible for any one because you need some space for your other stuff. You don't have to clue which game is best game title available truly worth grabbing? Below here I run down some list of best games.

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1 Nail Doctor

Nail Doctor is role playing surgery game. Nail Doctor can be feel right now at your home and its update, features mobile controls plan you to grab all surgery tools and save your patients from grievance. You can explore your experience with different activities and you can tap any of the tools to continue your surgery. Nail Doctor is filled with lots of levels to put your skills to test, its turn you act as doctor to save your patients.

download nail doctor

2 Brain Doctor 

Brain Doctor is another role playing surgery game. Here players have the mission to treat their patient's brain. And remove all wounds from it. Game is fully packed with tons of activity, different tools to play. Patient's real expression that makes you feels as if you are real hospital and a real doctor.

download brain doctor

3 Kids Garden Makeover

Kids Garden Makeover is casual gardening game of kids. Here you play role as gardener and grow different fruits, veggies, flower and much more. Players have to complete all task such harvesting, seeding, digging, watering and plowing. Game has experience of gardening with different activities

download kids garden makeover

4 Monster Nail Doctor

Monster Nail Doctor is RP surgery game. Here monster are your friends and you have to complete surgery of them. Here game players have mission to save monsters. Ya we know that monsters are scary for everyone but they can be your friends if you help them in this most exciting game. You can use different tools and boost up your mobiles with this game.

download monster nail doctor

5 Hair Do Design

Hair Do Design is beauty salon game specially design for girls. But that doesn't matter to game players because boys even like this game. This game is fully available with 3 different activities like spa, makeup and hair style. The game is all about to style up with new hair style as you want. It indicates each every step and you to follow for your new hair style.

download hair do design

Hope you will enjoy these games. If you have something to add or improve this game please share your opinion in comment below.