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Download Latest Android Games - To Train your Kids Different Activities

3:28 AM Gloria Rood 0 Comments Category : , , , , , , , ,

Today with the growing technology the Android market is packed with apps and games, hundreds and thousand of them, and finding a good quality of apps and games for kids can be tedious and frustrating process.

So i here run down some of the best android games for kids. That can really helpful for your kids in fun and education both parts.

1 Ocean Rescue

ocean rescue

Are you ready to realize your responsibility in the Vast Sea?? Now's let's board the ship to unveil the mystery!! However, the aquatic lives also meet some problems and they all are looking for your help. And Ocean Rescue has arrived to bring you to great chance to rescue them. This time, not only enjoy the sight seen the underwater world, but also learn how to help various creature!! Now please help them and enjoy the ocean world with them.You can use different tools to save them.


kids game

download ocean rescue

2 Baby Emily Learning Vehicle

baby emily learning vehicle

Baby Emily Learning Vehicle helps you to teach some preschool activities. Join Baby Emily and her friends in the preschool and explore varieties of toys and games related to vehicles. Be with the little kids during their snacks time and help them to learn snacking sharing. Finally enjoy fun ride on different toy vehicles with Baby Emily and her friends. Wish you a blissful day at Baby Emily Learning Vehicle.

free kids game

download baby emily learning vehicle

3 Life of Mouse 

life of mouse

Life of Mouse strikes a balance between challenge and fun, game is available with DOZENS of Mini - Games in one exclusive game. This games feature of hours of game play, all mini-games filled with light-hearted humor and achievement to keep you coming back for more. Easy to pick up yet its challenging to master. Life of Mouse will have your fingers begging for more alone time with the cutest mouse on your device. The game is of 30 ACTION PACKED MINI-GAMES, badges, and more!

android kids game

download life of mouse

4 Put the Candy

put the candy

Put the Candy is fun puzzle game and simple game to play. The game players have to move, drop and swap the candy. Three or more candy of the same kind is appearing in which the objective is to put all candies in their correspondent spots by pushing them. The game is available in 20+ different difficulties.

game for kids

download put the candy