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Entertain your Kids this Summer with These FREE Games

12:50 AM Gloria Rood 0 Comments Category : , , , , ,

Enjoy this summer with this kids games for free. We all know that summer vacation had been started and you all will be finding some interesting fun games for kids in the house, then try out this games they will really help you to explore your kids in both parts educational and fun.

So i had optimized and gathered some of the best games for kids for them to enjoy this summer with bang.

Kids Fair Ground

kids fair ground
Kids Fair Ground is finally arrived and all your friends have gathered there. Join them on Kids Fair Ground they have accompanied you for such a long time, today they will guide you how to play the game. For the first time, we open 8 challenging games for you, in these games, if you want to pass all the levels! Besides, you can try your hand in our Lucky Wheel. So why not come to show your talent and enjoy more games?

Game Video

kids game

download kids fair ground

Water Fun

water fun
Water Fun the adventurous game for kids. Water fun is addictive fun game fully packed with different mini games like Fish Catching, Fill the bucket with water, fix the broken water pipes in garden, fill the jug with water, and crush the balloons filled with water, through the balloons and more. You need to act quickly with your hands and be sharp-sighted, and meanwhile you should always keep your attention.

Game Video

android game

download water fun

Ocean Rescue

ocean rescue
Are you ready to realize your responsibility in the Vast Sea?? Now's let's board the ship to unveil the mystery!! However, the aquatic lives also meet some problems and they all are looking for your help. And Ocean Rescue has arrived to bring you to great chance to rescue them. This time, not only enjoy the sight seen the underwater world, but also learn how to help various creature!! Now please help them and enjoy the ocean world with them.You can use different tools to save them.

game for kids

download ocean rescue

Kids Kitchen

kids kitchen
Kids Kitchen is specially designed for some little master chef. Then grab your apron and chef's hat and just open your first restaurant and challenge your customers for crazy eating and experience the master eating challenge. And become today master chef's star and decorate Your Food and make your food with your kids friends. Customize and decorate all food just like you!! Mmmmm, delicious!

Game Video

free game for kids

download kids kitchen

Animal Safari

animal safari

Animal Safari reminds you of animal zoo having fun spotting Lions, Zebras, Giraffes, and Elephants on your Android phone! You're little away from moments to build and customize your own Safari adventure, now it's time to venture outdoor adventures. Explore this adventure with your family and complete all those 11 different activities.

Game Video

kids game for free

download animal safari

Hope you will enjoy all these games, and if you want any changes then feel to right your opinion in comment below.