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How to Save City - Train your Toddler with City Cleaner Kids Game

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 Parents are always in rigidity, how they will train their kids different doings. But now in the smartphone world it's very easy to train kids because the smartphone has made them familiar with different kind of games and apps. And GameiMax is top growing gaming studio where you can have different kind of games for kids.

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City Cleaner is the new release of GameiMax. City cleaner is all about to help city and people from storm by visiting different region. Here kids can role in different like carpenter, builder, painter, plumber and gardener to save the city. Use different tools to help the city and become hero of your city.

A storm has hit the city leaving it completely destroyed. And they need your help..!!! Save all regions, throw all wastage in bin, clean all dust and fix all broken woods

Watch Game Play Video:


Power Features included in City Cleaner

  • Different location available to save
  • Different role to play
  • Tools to save city people
  • HD graphics to enhance game play
  • Smooth and simple to play
  • Easy and efficient control taps
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