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Don't Miss these Fun and Challenging Puzzle Games

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Hey friends, ready to exercise with your brain. If yes then let's play these fun and addictive puzzle games.  These all games are simple but yet fun and difficult to score high. This latest game will entertain you for hours and tons of replays will keep you busy for whole day.

So I here run down some of the latest puzzle games to keep you entertained whole time.

Fun and Addictive Puzzle Games

1 Virtual Maze Puzzle

Virtual Maze Puzzle is an amazing labyrinth puzzle game featuring realistic and fun game play. It is a challenging casual labyrinth game with different mazes, needs to collect stars and complete each and gain a higher score! The difficulty level of each maze increases with every level. This version comes with different fun and challenging mazes.

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2 Kids Jigsaw Puzzle

Kids Jigsaw Puzzles provides an unbeatable puzzle solving experience for puzzle lovers of all ages.Kids Jigsaw Puzzle unique design means no two pieces are the same shape, for the most challenging puzzle experience yet.

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3 Unblock Car

Unblock Car is most popular and addictive sliding block puzzle game. The goal of game is to get red car to get out of some busy parking areas by moving the other cars out of the way. Help the red racing car get out of some difficult parking situations.Unblock Car comes with 11 chapters divided into 9 levels.

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4 Dots Puzzle

Dots Puzzle! Simple, yet complicated! How long can you survive? The goal of the game is to line up. It's easy to start but hard to finish! Try this free puzzle game and sharp your brain!

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5 Fitting Pieces

 Fitting Pieces is incredibly addictive game. Drag and drop the pieces to reorganize them and completely fill the highlighted box over the screen to solve every puzzle. Challenge your mind with different levels with increasing difficulty with more and more puzzles!

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6 Life of Mouse

Life of Mouse strikes a balance between challenge and fun, but it good fit for all type of players the intuitive will feel natural regardless of your skill levels. Life of Mouse is available with DOZENS of Mini - Games in one exclusive game. Easy to pick up yet its challenging to master

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7 Put the Candy

Put the Candy is about to move, drop and swap the candy. Three or more candy of the same kind is appearing in which the objective is to put all candies in their correspondent spots by pushing them. The game is available in 20+ different difficulties.

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These all really simple challenging fun and addictive game. Download all these games for free and make yourself busy for hours.

Thanks for reading the blog. If you like to add some more then please share your opinion in comment below.