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First Aid Treatment Kids Games - Educational Games of the Day

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Hello my little friends!! It's being pleasure to begin your day with fun and education with our First Aid Treatment Kids Game. This game will every time verify that learning a new thing can be very fanny. We know that are in that edge they wants to learn each and everything and throughout every single moment. So here I will share 2 new games for kids to have completely different experience. Join First Aid Treatment for Burning and First Aid Treatment for Dog Biting. Today for the first time kids will get familiar with this kind of games.

1 First Aid Treatment for Burning

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First Aid Treatment for Burning is best educational game to teach kids, the basic for burning till we don't visit doctor. Kids were enjoying the house and were playing with toys and other toys. They were busy playing and they noticed that some burning smell was coming. Till that time whole kitchen was burning. After that all those kids were in danger.

You have to help them and save them from danger. Be kind and take them out from kitchen and bring them outside of kitchen. After that help them out to cure them and use all your skill to cure them from burn injury. Apply all burning treatment start from removing all heat sources then remove all burn clothes and run cool water over her burn area. Then lightly clean all injured part then slowly apply antibiotic cream over burn area. Then cover that part to save from infection and germs.

Finally you learn some basic care for burning and now you can also care for yourself. And help other to cure from this injury. All time keep helping other and help them in anyway. Have fun and education while playing this game and be always superhero for others.

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2 First Aid Treatment for Dog Biting

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This First Aid Treatment for Dog Biting is caring yourself and helping others when they are bitten by rabies dog. Here all kids were vacation and had visited garden to play with their friends and family. Then they visited garden and they were playing in garden meanwhile one anxious rabies dog had entered and got aggressive and bitten the kids friend, now the kids were crying and yelling in pain.

Now you have to help them and save them from them to infect by rabies infection and apply first aid treatment for dog biting. First run water over bitten area, and then apply anti biotic cream over the bitten area. Then LaserCam to kill all rabies germs and blood clot from bitten area after that cover that area to save from infection.

Yippee you saved them from rabies infection now finally you are familiar with both these first aid treatments. Now you can also help others and teach them both these treatments.

download first aid treatment for biting

Hope you enjoyed this treatment and if you want to add some extraordinary things to this story ten feel to write in comment below.