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Top 5 Best Android Kids Games - To Teach them Different Activities

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best android kids games

Do you have Android Smartphone or tablet? This year Google Play Store is flooded with thousands of games and apps. And among of those thousands of apps and games I here run down 5 best android kids games free to download based on number of downloads and popularity.

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Nail Doctor - Kids Game

kids game

Nail Doctor is best virtual surgery game just like real surgery of patients. It is games based on nail surgery in kids legs. Those kids have badly injured in their limbs and yelling in pain. And you are the one who can help them you have to role as doctor and treat them and cure them from injury. You can use different tools to complete your surgery and after curing them cover the injury to save from infection and germs.

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download nail doctor

Kids Washing Clothes

free kids game

Kids Washing Clothes is best game for kids. From this game they can learn how to wash clothes and dry their clothes in machine. You must help them and make them happy. Help them to separate white clothes and colored clothes so they can wash it properly. And the laundry process also involves drying the clothes and ironing clothes. Just interact with them and teach them how to clothes and be careful that white clothes are not mixed up with colored clothes otherwise there would be colored patches in white clothes.

Watch Demo Video:

download kids washing clothes

Brain Doctor

game for kids

Brain Doctor is best virtual brain surgery game. Here those adorable kids are having some problems in their brain they need doctor urgent and you are the only who
can help them just treat them as real doctor and help them to cure from injury. After completing surgery cover the injury with plaster to save from infection and germs. And the funniest part is you can write funny messages and paint with different colorful paints.

Watch Demo Video:

download brain doctor

Stomach Doctor

android kids game

Stomach Doctor is based on stomach surgery. Kids are always habit of eating junk food and different food stuff which is not good for health. Here In this game some of the adorable kids have eaten some wrong and got the stomach pain. Now you have to role as stomach surgeon and cure them from that pain. Use different surgery tools to complete your first surgery and become superhero for those adorable kids.

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download stomach doctor

Monster Hospital

android free kids game

Monster Hospital is monster surgery game. Almost monster are scary for kids, but this game can help your kids to have monster friends because in this game monster are badly injured. Need someone to care for them and treat them as friend and doctor. So you can help them to be good friends and save from injury.

Watch Demo Video:

download monster hospital

All these games are really addictive fun game you all must try these games, i am sure that you will not get bored. And specially these games help your kids to explore both parts educational and fun.

Thanks for reading this blog and sharing your precious time with me. If you like to some extraordinary features to it, then please feel free to write in comments below...!!!