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How to do Educate your Kids Learn from These Kids Games

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Today there are hundreds and thousands of games are available in Android App Store, and finding some of the best quality games for kids can be a tedious and frustrating process.

Even in the education segment there are over 3,000+ free games for you to download. So i had just optimized some of the latest android games for kids for you to explore them both parts in educate and fun at same time.

1 Little Physical Examination

Have you ever thought that your kids are doctor and treating some of the injured patients and help them to regain happiness?? Yes now its possible with this game "Little Physical Examination". Let your kids enjoy wonderful journey of being super doctor. Those kids need some of routine check up. So give them best treatment and some of kids are injured too. So help them to cure there injury. Game presents various injuries with 4 little different treatments with many different tools to treat them.

kids game

download little physical examination

2 Little Flu Doctor

In Little Flu Doctor, players have to help those kids to  be cure from flu. They had eaten ice cream and now they are sick. Now you have to treat them and give them relief from sneezing. The first thing that you have to do is check the body temperature to see if they had fever and then give her cough syrup to feel better. Give them an injection as well and apply a nasal spray. No more sneezing now, become the best flu doctor with this addictive kids game

android game

download little flu doctor

3 Kids School

Kids School is best game to educate your kids in fun way. You can kids to learn different things. Educational games are a great tool for building language skills that today's elementary school
curriculum requires.This game teach important skills for preschool and elementary school kids.

game for kids

download kids school

4 Car Parking Puzzle

Car Parking is very addictive puzzle game. During the rush hour there are many too many cars in the parking area. You task is to don't crash with each other and park all the cars in the matched colored parking. You can simply move the cars by sliding them. There are many challenging levels inside the game from very easy to extreme difficult.

android game for kids

download car parking puzzle

These all games are really helpful for your kids, these games help your kids to teach different activities with fun. Download all these games and prepare your kids in both parts educational and fun.