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Jump and Swing to Score High in these Challenging Puzzle Games

12:26 AM Gloria Rood 0 Comments Category : , , , , , ,

Hey friends, do you like to play fun and challenging games..?? If yes then try out these two games for free. They are really simple yet difficult to score titled "Fall Down - Puzzle Game" & "Table Tennis Extreme". Both are really very addictive games and difficulty increases as level increases.

1 Table Tennis Extreme

android game

Table Tennis Extreme is specially designed for table tennis lover. The game is designed with great HD graphics, realistic physics and intuitive controls that make this game best for mobile games. Just grab your headband and paddle to play the most exciting table tennis ever. Feel like a professional, concentrating to catch the corners with each shot. Be precise, even the slightest mistake can lose the game and let down your entire team.

free android game

download table tennis extreme
2 Fall Down

puzzle game

Fall Down a simple game. Here game players have to just tilt their phone to move around and gathered all stars. Players have unlimited time to score high. Here players to have to gather all stars from sky by falling down. And game is over when you get touch top or bottom of the screen. Try to last the longest and get the most stars in a row!

android puzzle game

download fall down

Both these games are really good game to play try out these games and beat the high score. Download both these games for free.

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