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Monster Stomach Doctor - Be Super Doctor and Enjoy with Monsters

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Are you ready to have monster friends..?? As we all known that monsters are just scary word for kids. But now you can play with monsters and they will be your good friends.

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kids game
Yes you can have all experience with this exciting game Monster Stomach Doctor. Here some of the monster had eaten something so that got stomach pain. And they are calling for doctor and nobody wants to visit them. But you can help them being super doctor and help those monsters to cure from pain.

The game is available with 4 fun-filled monsters and different treatment. You can diagnose them using depicted real world medical doctor equipment. Explore the experience of being doctor in this exciting game with your friends.

Watch Demo Video:


Power Features of Monster Stomach Doctor:

  • Choose from adorable monster
  • Funny character reactions and voice overs
  • Tap to select from different surgeries
  • Diagnose your patients using depicted real world medical doctor equipment
  • Several of tools such as: Thermometer, Pulse Rate, Blood Pressure, X-ray and tons more
  • Smooth and simple game play
  • Easy and Efficient tap controls
  • Amazingly realistic surgery game for kids
  • Different kind of machinery you can use
  • Endless fun
download monster stomach doctor

Hope you will enjoy this monster games and surely make monster friend. If you feel something missing in this story you can share it in comment below.